Science education strives to instruct students to think critically and logically by familiarizing them with the scientific method of inquiry and investigation, and encouraging them to value this knowledge as necessary in reaching their potential as individuals.  The understanding of scientific theories and the acquisition of new knowledge is fostered among students so that they may relate their current experiences with those that have come in the past, and make projections into the future.
HEALTH (Required)                                                                                   Course # 501                          Credit: 0.5
The course is designed to provide the students with the necessary information that will promote optimum health.  The concepts of mental health, drug education, smoking, alcohol, sex education and nutrition will be discussed in this course as it affects the lives of the students.
 REGENTS BIOLOGY ( Living Environment)                                Course # 510                          Credit: 1.0
In this course students will study the biology of living organisms with emphasis on cell structure and function, biochemistry, plant/animal anatomy and physiology, genetics, ecology and evolution.  In the laboratory, students practice some common laboratory techniques such as chromatography and animal dissection, and are required to submit corresponding lab reports.   All students who fulfill the course and lab report requirements will take the Living Environment Regents exam in June.
HONORS BIOLOGY ( Living Environment)                                    Course # 511                          Credit: 1.0
Enrollment in this class is restricted to members of the Scholars Program, Honors Program  and those students whose potential for success is determined by the Placement Test and the elementary school academic record.
This course is taken in place of the Regents biology course.. The same general topics are covered as in the Regents course, but in greater detail. In addition to the Regents exam, students will also be prepared to take the SAT II exam in Biology. This course also includes a weekly laboratory report.  All students who fulfill the course and lab report requirements will take the Living Environment Regents exam in June.
CHEMISTRY (Required)                                                                                Course # 530                           Credit: 1.0
An introduction to the fundamentals of chemistry with an emphasis on the structure and logic of chemical formulas and equations, the phases of matter, atomic structure, chemical periodicity, chemical bonding, organic chemistry, the mathematics of chemistry, thermodynamics, acids and bases, redox and electrochemistry, as well as kinetics and equilibrium.  In the laboratory, the students will practice some common laboratory techniques with an emphasis on quantitative measurements while recognizing the connection between the chemical principles and the experimental conditions.

The student must pass the regents exam to graduate. If a student fails the exam, she will have to re enroll for a semester of chemistry and retake the regents exam.

The student must pass the regents exam to graduate. If a student fails the exam, she will be reenrolled in this class for a semester and must retake the regents exam and pass.
HONORS CHEMISTRY                                                                                 Course # 531                          Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: This course is for members of the Ferrer Scholars Program as well as students who have a 90% average in Biology and Regents and and an 88% average in Math and regents.Entrance into the course also requires  the approval of the Biology and Math  teachers.
In this course the students will explore answer to questions regarding a variety of curiosities that occur in solutions, gaseous phases and with solids.  Macroscopic understanding will be obtained through laboratory experiments, demonstrations, laser disc observations and CD-ROM.  Included in this course is the development of advanced problem solving skills. Additionally, students will learn the deductive skills required to draw conclusions from information obtained in laboratory  experiments. Technology will be used extensively as the students collect data with the computer and present topics using PowerPoint.  Many assignments will be electronic and will be turned using email.

The student must pass the regents exam to graduate. If a student fails the exam, she will have to re enroll for a semester of chemistry and retake the regents exam

REGENTS PHYSICS                                                                                      Course # 540                          Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: Algebra 2/Trig (may be taken concurrently);  88% average or above in Algebra 2/Trig and must pass Algebra and Geometry Regents exams  in Mathematics.The student must have at least 88% in Geometry. The student should have at least 85 in chemistry. The student should be taking some Math Class while taking Physics.
The Physics course is for students who wish to investigate physical laws and theories, relationships of physical phenomena, and the interrelationships of physics to other fields of human endeavor.  First semester includes discussion of vector mathematics, kinematics, dynamics, energy and momentum.  Second semester includes the discussion of thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, waves and modern physics.  Students are expected to take the Regents exam in Physics.

All juniors  must take the regents exam. All seniors have an option of taking the exam.

ADV PLACEMENT CHEMISTRY                                                            Course # 550                          Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: 90% average in Chemistry and the approval of the Chemistry teacher.
A.P. Chemistry is designed for the highly motivated students who wish to achieve additional skills to ensure greater success in first-year chemistry at the college level.  The course emphasizes problem solving, laboratory and organizational skills, independent study habits, and self-discipline while engaged in chemical investigations.  The first semester includes atomic theory, chemical bonding, phases of matter, and solutions.  The second semester includes types of reactions, equilibrium, reaction kinetics and thermodynamics.  All students must take the AP Chemistry exam. The cost of the exam is $90.00.
ADVANCED BIOLOGY                                                                              Course # 555                          Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: 90% or higher in Regents Biology, 85% average in Chemistry, passed both the Living Environment and Chemistry regents exam with at least a 85% and received  the approval of the teacher of this courser.
This course is designed to be the equivalent to the college level freshman Biology course.  All areas of biology will be covered including: cell and molecular, biochemistry, genetics, comparative anatomy and physiology, immunology and bioethics.  There is no lab for this course. There is no AP Biology test for this course.
ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY                                                                  Course # 560                          Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: All interested must have an 85 or better in Regents Chemistry and a 90 or better in Biology
Anatomy & Physiology is a college level introductory course that develops an understanding of the organization of the human body and how it functions. This course is also useful for students interested in medical professions such as: nursing, physician assistance, dentistry, physical/occupational therapy, research, and other paramedical programs.  Students will acquire the knowledge necessary to understand what the body is doing and how they can help the body cope with many different situations (exercise, relaxation, disease, injury, etc.). This course involves a rigorous workload and will require good study habits and note taking skills with regard to 1) accuracy and attention to details, 2) efficient and disciplined study skills for science (scheduling, analysis and synthesis of information, and perseverance), and 3) accurate and precise oral and written communication.  Saint John’s University credit is available for those that qualify.
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY                                                                       Course # 551                          Credit: 0.5
Prerequisite: This course is for Students who have completed a year of Advance Biology or AP Chemistry. Introduction to organic chemistry. Nomenclature, structure, physical properties, reactions and synthesis of major organic functional groups. Intended for health science majors
BIO CHEMISTRY                                                                                  Course # 552                            Credit: 0.5
This course examines the structure and function of the following biological macromolecules in the context of cellular integrity, dynamics and metabolism: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. The weekend biochemistry topics include enzymology, bioenergetics, catabolism, anabolism, regulation of gene expression, biotechnology, hormone regulation of mammalian metabolism and the pre-biotic evolution of life on earth.
FORENSICS                                                                                            Course # 560                          Credit: 0.5
Prerequisite:  This course is for seniors who have completed a year of Biology and Chemistry.
This course focuses on the application of the scientific method and technique as it relates to crime and law.  This will be an introductory course to such principles as: fingerprinting, DNA analysis, hair and fiber examination, serology, toxicology and handwriting analysis.
PSYCHOLOGY(Elective)                                                                  Course # 344                          Credit: 0.5
This course is a one semester survey of selected introductory topics in psychology and the methods of research and data interpretation used by the behavioral sciences.