Saint Vincent Ferrer High School


   Clubs and Organizations

    • Anime Club - this club brings all the anime (a style of Japanese comic book and video cartoon animation in which the main characters have large doe-like eyes) fans together to watch and discuss anime, read manga and learn about the Japanese culture.
    •   Campus Ministry - Eucharistic Ministers distribute communion at the school liturgies. They also assist in the organization of prayer and meditation services held during the school year.
    •  Cheerleading Team - a student-run non-competitive club that practices twice a week.  They cheer at Ferrer home games, Spirit Week, pep rallies, fundraising and events focused on developing school spirit, Falcon pride and excitement.
    • Chorus - directed by Ms. Tymochko, this elective course meets every Tuesday and Thursday in order to develop vocal technique, acquire better musicianship, and to collaborate in group learning.   They perform several concerts a year and are  invited to sing in  venues outside of school.
    • Dance Club - Meets weekly to exercise, break a sweat, ease stress and have fun.  Members learn a variety of techniques including hip hop, step, contemporary and modern dance choreographed by the members themselves.
    • Debate Team - Our debates focus on topics related to current events, values, morals, and philosophical issues.
    • Ferrer for Life Club strives to promote the values of the Pro-Life movement.  At our meetings we discuss various issues in light of the Catholic Church's "consistent ethic of life".  We are also involved with the Sister of Life order.
    • French Club – Meets regularly to explore the culture of French and francophone countries.  We go to movies, watch music videos, make crepes au Nutella, learn slang, go to museums, write to Pen Pals, dance the cancan, tell fortunes, and play games.
    • Global Concerns - it would be hard to believe that because we are merely adolescent girls, we can do nothing to change the negative aspects in our own country and across the world.  In our student community, girls have dedicated their time to making others aware of the atrocities in today's world and to finding ways to confront and alleviate suffering.
    • Guitar/Song Club - Led by Mr. Kennedy, these girls are an inspiration to those who enjoy singing,  The club offers a variety of opportunities to share their joy for singing - whether in Church or at a school concert, they lead the school in joyous songs throughout the year.
    • Habitat for Humanities - our campus chapter works to fulfill the four pillars directed toward affordable housing - building, fundraising, advocating, and educating.
    • Hand bell Choir - an elective course taught by Ms.Tymochko where each student must learn proper ringing technique and develop their musical skills.  Timing is everything!  They perform several times a year and are frequently invited to preform outside of school.
    • Holiday Craft Club - meets a week before each  holiday to create something festive and fun.  They make candy-grams for various holiday s to raise money for important causes.
    • Irish Society –  Organized by Ms. Coyne, the club gives students an opportunity to learn about the culture of Ireland through song, music, and dance.  The club sponsors  the annual Irish Afternoon Tea where guests can enjoy pastries and desserts while taking in performances of traditional Irish entertainment by our students and faculty.
    • Mary Club - led by Ms. Murphy, the Rosary is prayed daily in our School Chapel at the end of the day and they help keep the faith throughout the school year. 
    •  Math Club strives to show how math is relevant to our everyday lives in as many fun ways as possible.  From guest speakers who have made math their lives, to exciting games that make math irresistible,  Math Club is a place for people to learn to love Math!
    • National Arts Honor Society - the SVF chapter of the national society was founded in 2011.  Its purpose is the assist student members to attain their highest potential in all forms of visual art and maintain an overall good academic standing.  Members participate in art-related community service, field trips and art projects. Approximately 25 members are inducted yearly.
    • National Honor Society - juniors and seniors are inducted in December.   Approximately, 35 students are inducted yearly.  Criteria for acceptance are:
  • Scholarship: Students who have a cumulative grade point average of 90%.
  • Service: Students must participate actively in service projects.
  • Leadership: Students must show leadership ability.
  • Character: The student of good character can be said to be one who upholds principles of morality and ethics; is cooperative and responsible; demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability; shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others; and is a good citizen. 
  • Peer Tutoring - tutors give of their time each day to assist their fellow students in various subjects.  The strength of the program is a testimony to the spirit of charity and camaraderie of the student body.
  • Photography Club - these students have a passion for sharing their unique perspectives. Students work with both digital and lens cameras on black-and-white, close-ups, landscapes, portraits, and fashion photography.  Works are displayed on and at the Spring Arts Festival.
  • Rachel's Challenge - inspired by Rachel Scott from Colorado Columbine High School tragedy, the club helps spread acts of kindness and compassion. The club starts a chain reaction of support and unity throughout the school.
  • Red Cross - works toward fulfilling the  mission of preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing volunteers.  We raise money to support those who have been through tragedy in hopes of restoring a sense of normalcy.  All members will become CPR certified.
  • Rincón Latino Spanish newspaper - run by Senora Huerta, the students spend their time learning about the Spanish culture and produce articles informing Ferrer students about happenings in the Spanish world.
  •   Science and Technology Club  members meet after school each week to carry out experiments and contests in all area of the sciences.  Their goal is to celebrate the marvels of science and spread enthusiasm for the sciences throughout the school community.
  •  Student Council - each homeroom elects two representatives to suggest ideas that they feel will better the school.  The council holds fundraisers and sponsors events such as Heritage Week, Spirit Week, Coffee House, Freshmen Welcome Events, Spring Fashion Show, Breast Cancer Awareness, Women Awareness events and various project to help our sister school Saint Joan of Arc in Abomey, Benin. ·   Theater - The girls who are part of the Theatre Club are talented, hard-working and hilarious.  Mr. Beil is the senior producer of all the theater productions.  He and the girls work hard all year round to create shows that satisfy our entertainment needs.
  • Trumpet Newspaper  - St. Vincent Ferrer’s newspaper and the source of eagerly anticipated teacher interviews, sports reviews and poems. Run by English guru Mr.Mullaney, the girls publish the newspaper throughout the year informing the student community about different things going on in our school.