30! Great Reasons to Attend Saint Vincent FERRER!

  1. A Catholic college prep school for girls. This almost says it all. But there’s more…
  2. A Dominican School. Founded in 1884 by the Dominican Friars and staffed by the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of the Springs of Bridgeport. Saint Vincent Ferrer draws on the 800 years of experience in education by the Dominican Order. We have five Dominican Sisters on staff.
  3. We’re the right size. With just about 500 students we’re large enough to offer options, but small enough to care.
  4. A professional and experienced school administration. Our principal and the three assistant principals of Ferrer are no newcomers to secondary education: among them, they have a Ph.D., 7 Masters degrees, and more than 100 years of experience and success in Catholic college prep schools. And all of our administrators also teach classes so they really know what they’re doing and what’s going on.
  5. We offer exceptional preparation for college. We offer a solid college prep curriculum with lots of Advanced Placement and Honors courses. One hundred percent of every class goes on to accredited, four year colleges and universities. In the class of 2016 there were four  NATIONAL MERIT COMMENDED STUDENTS and two HISPANIC SCHOLARS.
  6. Exceptional Teachers. We have a talented and diverse faculty, more than 90% of whom possess at least one Master’s Degree or higher. Many have two in different areas of study.
  7. Smart Boards. We have Smart Boards in EVERY classroom.
  8. Become another Mozart! We have a Digitalized Music Laboratory!
  9. Opportunities to get involved. Share your gifts through service at a soup kitchen, hospital, homeless shelter or one of many opportunities here and outside.
  10. See the world. Each year there are at least two opportunities for foreign travel for our students and families. Last year there was a tour to England & France and another to China, Italy, Peru, Japan, Australia, Costa Rica and New Zealand, are a few tours offered in the past. We visited Italy and had an audience with Pope Francis.
  11. Great Science. With THREE state of the art Science Labs, and with Advanced Placement Chemistry and Advanced Placement Biology, this is great science.
  12.  Maybe Become a Picasso. Try your hand in practical studio art in the new art studio.
  13. Our Regulation Gym. In the colder weather, stay warm and play sports at the same time.
  14. Central Park is our other Gym. There isn’t anywhere more beautiful than Central Park in the spring and fall. Central Park is also where our Softball Team meets their rivals.
  15. Golden Opportunities. Our Scholars Program gives 66% tuition to our best students. That’s a lot of money over four years. It’s our investment in your future.
  16. Help the World. Our Global Concerns Club was recognized by the UN (and is on the UN website!) for their UN Millennium Development Goals.
  17. Help a small part of the world. We’re “twinning” with a girls’ Catholic school in Benin, West Africa to learn from them and for them to learn from us. Everybody wins!
  18.  We are in a wireless network. Every classroom and every room throughout the building is up and ready to go. And has been for quite some time.
  19. Like to write? Sharpen up your pen and your wits for The Trumpet (the student newspaper) or the Yearbook or the Literary Magazine. In Spanish, there’s the Rincon Latino.
  20.  If you are the music type. We want your help with the Hand Bell Choir or the Guitar Club, or the Chorus. We even have a group who sing Madrigals.
  21.  Women take leadership roles. We’re a girls’ school: if you don’t do it, it won’t get done!
  22. Fabulous location. Lexington and Third Avenues at 65th Street. We love the Big Apple!
  23.  Feel at home. You’ll fit right in. Our students come from 55 different ethnic groups and nationalities.  A majority of them are first generation American. Somebody is just like you.
  24.  Social Life. Not to worry. We have lots of interactions and activities with boys’ schools.
  25.  Drama Queen? Our Theater Department offers two opportunities each year for budding actresses. Join the group and become a diva!
  26.  Nice People! Our students travel from all five boroughs, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey. And they’re happy when they arrive!
  27. Breakfast. Begin the day at the Ferrer cafeteria for breakfast. Our chocolate chip muffins are famous around here.
  28. Sports. Ferrer has an active sports program including an award-winning Volleyball Team, Basketball, Softball and junior varsity teams, a Running Club and a Tennis Club. New this year: the SVF Swim Team! 
  29.  Advanced Placement Success. We offer 7 Advanced Placement Courses with proven success. Last year we had 12 students recognized as Advanced Placement Scholars.
  30.  Our Brand New digital LANGUAGE LAB—with 30 workstations there’s no waiting to learn a new language!