Great Reasons to Attend

Saint Vincent Ferrer

There are TONS of reasons, but we can't list them all, so here are some of the more obvious ones:

  1. We are a Catholic college prep school for girls . . . this almost says it all, but there's more!
  2. We are a Dominican school, and we have 4 Dominican Sisters, a Dominican Priest, and a Dominican Brother on staff.
  3. We are a Catholic school in the classical sense. What's that? It is that we operate from the premise that every person is a child of God, who deserves respect and owes respect to other people. We believe in teaching truth: a student should seek master of her material: Language, Math, Science, History, English, but we also believe it is very important what kind of a person your daughter can develop into.
  4. When a girl graduates from Ferrer, she will know her material. We focus on the education of girls here, because that's what we do best.
  5. We're the right size: we have 400 students and our classes are about 22-24 on an average. If you like teacher/student ratios, that's about 1:12.
  6. The Class of 2022, comprised of 104 grads, received $31 million in college scholarships. The average scholarship amount earned? Do the math!
  7. Our faculty and administration are professional and experienced. The Principal and Assistant Principals together have earned a Ph.D. and 7 Masters' degrees, with more than a century of success in Catholic college prep schools. We know schools!
  8. We offer excellent preparation for college. Take a look at our college acceptances to see how excellent we are.
  9. The Class of 2022 included Two National Merit Commended Students and an Hispanic Scholar. That's a big deal in a small class!
  10. Our students can take college classes here and earn college credit. Up to 9 bona fide college credits issued by St John's University.
  11. Exceptionally professional teachers. Check out their credentials online: more than 90% possess at least one Master's degree; three have Ph.Ds.
  12. A little under the weather? We have a Registered Nurse on site every day.
  13. Each student is given her own chrome book—no dragging heavy books around all day.
  14. We have our own air-conditioned Gym. No Sweat! Ask our Volleyball Players.
  15. Each student is given her own chrome book—no dragging heavy books around all day.
  16. We have our own air-conditioned Gym. No Sweat! Ask our Volleyball Players.
  17. Central Park is our other Gym. Ask our Cross Country Runners.
  18. Become another Mozart in our digitalized music laboratory!
  19. Become a Rembrandt/Picasso/Pollack in our Art Studio!
  20. Ferrer's International Student Travel Experience has been opening the world to our students (and families!) for years. It's a tradition in which more than 2,000 Ferrer families have participated. Greece & the Islands, Peru, England & France, China, Italy, Costa Rica, The Galapagos Islands, Spain, and The Alps, are a few of the tours we've taken. All you have to do is pay your tuition and behave; our Ferrer girls are the best travelers!                                                                                                                                             How about a few of our Standout Programs?

  21. Ferrer's College Pre-Med Advantage Program is more fully explained in its own brochure: within a cohort of like-minded students planning to enter the medical and science fields they study advanced science, learn how to conduct scientific research, attend special seminars and lectures, and intern at some of the famous NYC medical and scientific research places, many of which are here in our own neighborhood
  22. If you're a girl who loves math join the Math Club or Girls Who Code! Then take some high-powered math classes here. Ferrer Girls =Math success.
  23. People feel at home in Ferrer. With girls traveling from all over the boroughs, Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut, our girls travel a long way to be here.
  24. Our chocolate chip muffins are famous: one grad wanted them at her wedding reception—seriously!
  25. Drama Queen? Then share your talents in our theatre group!
  26. Nice People: our girls are genuinely friendly and welcoming. "Mean Girls" are not allowed at Ferrer.
  27. Somebody here looks like you or thinks like you!
  28. Our students speak about 40 different languages here
  29. Our Global Concerns Club has had Ferrer girls participate in field visits in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Mali. Pretty cool.
  30. Sports: We got 'em, as they say in baseball. We offer our girls 16 choices in Sports, including Multi-Season, Varsity, and Junior Varsity, with more planned. Find your athletic self in our Athletic Program!