The Guidance Department exposes the students to the fundamental values of the Christian tradition by providing them with the resources, knowledge and support they need to develop into confident, informed and concerned young women who possess convictions of self worth, purpose and respect for the dignity of others. The Guidance Department helps students link their values, interest, skills and abilities to their life/career goals.
 GUIDANCE 9                                   Course #950                           Credit: 0.0
The Freshman Guidance class helps the student to adjust to the new school experience and the academic demands of Saint Vincent Ferrer High School. This class introduces the importance of study and study skills, academic resources to enhance the learning, time management for academic success and college preparation, as well as exploring of career choices. Topics concerning adolescent issues are discussed. The class meets one class period during a week cycle in the first semester.
 GUIDANCE 10                                 Course #960                           Credit: 0.0
The Sophomore Guidance class discusses topics concerning adolescent issues. The class also begins the preparation for graduation and college, and possible career options. The class meets one class period during a week cycle in the second semester.
 GUIDANCE 11                                 Course # 970                          Credit: 0.0
This Junior class focuses on the college search process and the importance of making informed decisions about the future. It is stressed that making the best college selection is a serious process that requires much thought, research and discussion. Students are guided on the selection of the right college. The students are introduced to the factors to consider when selecting a college, where to get information about colleges, questions to ask college representatives and what colleges look for in an applicant.
This course meets for one class period during a week cycle during the second semester of the year.
 GUIDANCE 12                                 Course # 980                          Credit: 0.0
This Senior class focuses on the overall college application process, how to write an effective essay and how to present oneself to the College Admissions office. This course offers suggestions on college expenses and financial aid, and how to apply for scholarships. The class addresses the student’s expectations during the first year of college.
This course meets for one class period during a week cycle during the first semester of the year.