The acquisition of fluency in a foreign language sharpens general communication skills, increases the appreciation of the arts and broadens the individual’s realm of experience. Through the study of Francophone and Hispanic cultures, students will develop a better understanding of and greater appreciation for other people. Students must take 3 years of the same language to satisfy the school graduation requirement.  Native speakers of French or Spanish are encouraged to take the language in which they are not the native speaker.
 SPANISH  1                                                                                                             Course # 610                                                              Credit: 1
This course includes the introduction of the Spanish language through the presentation of basic vocabulary and grammar. Reading skills, oral grammar, conversational speaking and cultural study are the foundation for this class.
 ADVANCED SPANISH 1                                                                               Course #615                                                                Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: Enrollment in this class is restricted to members of the Ferrer Scholars Program as well as students who have averaged 88% on the Foreign Language Placement Exam, and received the approval of the department.
This course is for students who have some knowledge of the language and have taken the placement exam.  The course is designed to help students further develop their proficiency in speaking and writing.  The foci of the course are to have students develop competencies to participate in face-to-face interviews with a Spanish speaker, answering questions about themselves and soliciting information from others in the target language.  They will begin to write simple texts and write short narratives.
FRENCH 1                                                                                                             Course #611                                                                  Credit: 1.0
In this introductory level, students will learn the basic elements of conversational and written French.  They will learn to describe themselves, their peers, their likes and dislikes, and their environment.  They will learn about French culture, in particular about education and family life in France. They will be able to express themselves in the present tense, near future, and, by the end of the year, in the past tense. Emphasis will be placed on speaking and listening skills as well as key grammatical structures and spelling. Seniors considering enrolling in this course as an elective must have completed Spanish III with an 85% year-end average, as well as departmental approval.
LATIN I                                                                                                                   Course #660                                                                  Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: Enrollment in this class is restricted to members of the Ferrer Scholars Program and selected Honors and Regents students.
The course introduces the basic foundation of Latin grammar and vocabulary.  Translation skills, vocabulary, and Roman history and culture form the foundation of the course.  All Latin I students will continue in Latin II.  This course is taken in addition to the modern language course. Students in Latin I will participate in the National Latin exam.
SPANISH II                                                                                                        Course # 620                                                                    Credit: 1.0
The second level of Spanish continues to stress listening and speaking skills, while further developing reading and writing skills. The aim of this course is to enhance the students’ verbal communication skills in the target language.  More advanced topics in grammar and composition writing are developed through the course. Student will be enriched with more exposure to Classical culture and Roman history.  Students will participate in the National Latin exam.
 SPANISH III                                                                                                  Course # 630                                                                         Credit: 1.0
 The third level of Spanish focuses on the acquisition of advanced grammatical forms and the further development of reading, writing and communication skills in the target language.  Analysis of Hispanic cultures through projects, oral presentations and essay writing are major components of the evaluation process.
 FRENCH II                                                                                                       Course # 621                                                                     Credit: 1.0
In this level, students will build upon the foundations from French I.  They will learn to talk about their daily activities in detail, as well as their aspirations. Cultural topics related to leisure activities, sports and travel, among other subjects, will be discussed. Students will learn the passé composé in detail, as well as the imperfect and simple future tenses, reflexive verbs and the subjunctive and conditional moods.  Emphasis will be placed on the construction of grammatically complex sentences, both written and oral.  Classes are conducted entirely in French.
 LATIN II                                                                                                            Course # 665                                                                       Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Latin I.
Latin II continues from its foundation of Latin grammar and vocabulary mastered in Latin I.  More complicated sentence structure, expanded vocabulary and more challenging translation is included in this course.  Additionally, the Latin II
  FRENCH III                                                                                                  Course # 631                                                                          Credit: 1.0
In this course, students polish the wide array of French language skills learned in French II.  We will discuss topics such as the environment, the working world, travel and health.  We will also discuss major French and Francophone cultural movements and historic events.   Students will learn the subjunctive and conditional moods in greater detail.  Emphasis will be placed on constructing grammatically complex sentence both written and orally.  Classes are conducted entirely in French.
 SPANISH IV                                                                                                Course # 640                                                                           Credit: 1.0
Prerequisites: Grade of 90% in Spanish III, which must be maintained as a final grade, and departmental approval. Any student who has completed the French language sequence and is interested in taking this course must obtain departmental approval.
Spanish IV is an elective course that stresses free composition, class presentations and continues to build on the foundations of the prior sequence.  The course foci are conversational and advanced grammatical study.  Particular consideration is given to the study of ancient civilizations and analysis of short fiction.  Students enrolled in this course will have to complete 30 hours of cultural enrichment so as to expand their awareness and understanding of contemporary topics of the Spanish speaking world.
 AP   FRENCH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE                                     Course # 641                                                                            Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: A grade of 94 % in French III. Departmental approval is required, and takes into consideration the submission of a portfolio of recent work and an entrance examination.
This is an elective course designed to facilitate mastery of the French language, and to prepare students for the Advanced Placement French Language examination. Students will perfect their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills through the study of literature and cultural movements. We will work on analysis of poems, plays, short fiction, and essays. Attendance at a once-weekly after school session is mandatory. All students enrolled in the course are required to take the AP test. The cost of the exam is approximately $90. 
 AP SPANISH LANGUAGE                                                                    Course# 650                                                                              Credit: 1.0
Prerequisites: Grade of 94% in Spanish III/IV, and must complete an entrance exam and personal interview to receive departmental approval.
 This course is intended to cover the equivalent of a third-year college course in advanced Spanish composition and conversation.  Emphasizing the use of Spanish for active communication, it encompasses aural/oral skills, reading comprehension, grammar and composition.  The course seeks to develop language skills that are useful and can be applied to various activities and disciplines.  The course prepares the students for the AP Spanish Language exam and is conducted entirely in Spanish.  All students enrolled in the course are required to take the AP test.  The cost of the exam is approximately $90.00