The goal of the Social Studies Department is to assist student development through acquaintance with democratic institutions and their attendant responsibilities, and to foster a knowledge and a respect for history and tradition recognizing that they provide a necessary link with the past and a bridge to the future. Additionally, the members of the department strive to emphasize an empathy for the varied cultures of our world, as well as our nation and its institutions, thereby encouraging students to value the necessity of cooperation and compromise.

GLOBAL STUDIES 9 (Required)                             Course #310                            Credit: 1.0

This course is an analysis of the physical, cultural, economic and historical aspects of the world from prehistory until 1500.

GLOBAL STUDIES 10 (Required)                           Course #320                            Credit: 1.0

This course completes the two-year state requirement for Global Studies and is an analysis of the physical, cultural, economic and historical aspects of the world from the 1500’s to the present time. All the students are required to take the Regents exam at the end of the two-year sequence.

UNITED STATES HISTORY                                    Course #330                            Credit: 1.0

This course approaches the study of United States History from the view of class, ethnicity, gender, race and foreign policy. Particular attention is given to the role of women in United States History. Students are prepared to take the New York State Regents exam in U.S. History.

ADV. PLACEMENT U.S. HISTORY                        Course #331                           Credit: 1.0

Prerequisites: 90% average in Global Studies 10 and the approval of the Global Studies 10 teacher.

This is a course designed to provide students with analytical skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with the problems and materials from United States History. Students will learn to assess historical materials, analyze and interpret primary sources and write analytical historical essays and research papers. The course focuses on the Advanced Placement curriculum to prepare the students for the exam in May. All students enrolled in the course are expected to take the AP exam. The cost of the exam is approximately $90.00.

ECONOMICS (Required)                                          Course #340                            Credit: 0.5

This course provides a working knowledge of the fundamental laws of economic theory, builds an understanding of the generation of wealth in the private and public sectors of our economic system, explores the relationship between political and economic forces, and prepares the student with the academic and technological skills needed to enter an ever changing market place.

GOVERNMENT (Required)                                      Course #341                            Credit: 0.5

This course is designed to develop an understanding and an appreciation of the American constitutional system, to examine the machinery of our contemporary political system, and to foster a sense of civic awareness and encourage active participation in civic affairs.

WORLD WAR II (Elective)                                       Course #343                            Credit: 0.5

This one semester course seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of the causes, course, and immediate effects of the Second World War, and how the war remains influential in modern memory. Students will examine the political, military, diplomatic, social, and economic dimensions of the war. The course will take a broad, global view of conflict including all its major theaters, but special emphasis will be placed on the role the United States in the war and its impact on American society. The course will culminate with a research project on a relevant subject chosen by the student in consultation with the instructor.

WORLD GEOGRAPHY (Elective)                           Course #350                            Credit: 0.5

This is a semester course that will begin with a look at how geographers work to understand the world. Students will study physical, cultural, and political geography to gain knowledge of the world around them. By the end of the semester the students will be able to locate and name countries, states and provinces and geographic features of the world.

ADVANCED EURO. HISTORY                               Course #349                            Credit: 1.0

Prerequisites: 90% average in Global Studies 10 and U.S. History and the approval of the US History teacher, or successful completion of AP United States History.

This is an in depth survey of modern European history (1500 – present). The course includes extensive readings and analysis of original sources, in depth resources into causes and effects of events, biographical studies and shifting pertinent boundaries and alliances. Students are expected to sit for the AP exam in May. The cost of the exam is $90.00.

HISPANIC HERITAGE( Elective)                             Course #351                            Credit :0.5

An elective course that examines Latin American culture, history, society, and geography. Students will study in-depth the cultural and ethnic distinctions that exist between Latin-American countries, both historical and contemporary