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Unsatisfied with your public-school acceptances?

St Vincent Ferrer is a place where your daughter will thrive if she is looking for a high school where values are important, academic achievement is recognized, and people are treated with dignity.

We’re a classic Catholic school. Our students live in the tri-state area and travel from 65 neighborhoods in New York City.

We can offer a few seats to families still searching for a good fit for their daughter and for them.  Contact Sister Christine at

7th Grader Open House

Space is limited, so please rsvp on our website or at:

 7th graders are invited to attend an open house at St. Vincent Ferrer High School. 

On April 25th at 4:30 7th graders and their families will gain a sneak peek into what makes Ferrer girls thrive! 

Falcon News

Our latest issue of Falcon News is out now! Click the link below to read the full issue.

CLICK HERE:  Falcon News Vol 03.pdf 


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Saint Vincent Ferrer High School was established in the tradition of St .Dominic, who strove to instill in others a lifetime commitment to Study, Community, Prayer, and Service. Saint Vincent Ferrer High School is sponsored by the parish of Saint Vincent Ferrer, located at 65th Street and Lexington Avenue. The first school was built in 1884 and was staffed by the Dominican Sisters of Saint Mary of the Springs. Presently, the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady Of The Springs administer and staff the school. The school was started to meet the educational needs of the immigrant population which was flooding into New York City. Today, we prepare young women from diverse backgrounds for college and a lifetime of learning. We provide a challenging and supportive environment that cultivates intellectual, spiritual, and moral values. Furthermore, we seek to empower our students to become responsible, independent, and principled members of the global community as well as effective witnesses of Christ's love.