Many schools offer the opportunity for international travel to their students.  Ferrer however, offers much more than simply the opportunity to visit a different country.  A Ferrer girl has the opportunity for a global educational experience twice each year – usually a European destination at Easter break and then a more exotic one during the summer.

Traveling with Ferrer combines an excellent academic program with an affordable tour

Ferrer works with EF Educational Tours, the leader in international student travel with over 50 years of experience in the global student travel industry, so important in these changing times

Ferrer’s chaperones are current faculty and administrators who know your daughters and command their respect

The Ferrer travel experience is inclusive – a student and her family - are eligible to travel together and they all have lots of fun!

Sister Christine Cosgrove O.P. is the school’s Director of Advancement and teaches Latin. She has planned, directed and chaperoned 53 study tours abroad.  She has brought more than 3,400 participants on tour.  Her travelers benefit from her years of experience and expertise. 

Professional educators know that:

  • No assignment in the classroom replaces the experience of being where history and literature actually took place
  • International travel helps to prepare your daughter for her future in a global society
  • Students who have experienced foreign travel sharpen their critical thinking skills and are more likely to succeed in college.
  • And your daughter learns important lessons in personal responsibility while on tour!

Detailed information about the upcoming trips can be downloaded below.

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